San Francisco Bay Area

Engineering and Manufacturing Service

We have been in the business of engineering design and manufacturing for 6 years. Over the years, we have developed expertise in designing, developing and producing uniquely focused, customized solutions as per our client’s requirements. Our quality of service and skills are vouched by thousands of customers’ positive reviews. These reviews make our commitment to excellence stronger.


We bring your product ideas to life. Sihnman enterprise has an inhouse team of expert engineers and designers, who work collaboratively with you so as to ensure that the end product must exceed your expectations!

Our specialized services Include

  1. 3D CAD Modeling
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Mechanical Design
  4. Full Scale Manufacturing

             1. CNC Milling
             2. Laser Cut Sheet Metal,
             3. Injection Molding
             4. 3D Printing
             5. Special Hardware Fabrication

We manufacture products for a wide range of different industries including automotive, electronics, healthcare, military, aerospace and avionics.



What Makes Us Different ?

Our engineers leverage their experience and expertise to deliver high quality services. We define our success in terms of customer’s satisfaction and success. Our designers and engineers are not only exceptionally skilled, but also readily available for consultations and discussions. Everything we do is driven by your trust in our abilities. Open communication, transparency, friendliness and honesty are our core values.

Our clients prefer to use our services time and again because we deliver results that we promise.

We are different from our competitors, we believe in providing value upfront. Our team has

  • Exceptional Engineering Design skills
  • Flexibility to Meet Customer’s Requirements
  • High Quality Manufacturing Processes
  • Consistent and Effective After Sales Support

Don’t take our word for it , read what our customers say

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