Door Barricade Bar stands

Are you worried about home invasions? Discover the Power of Door Barricade Bars!

Home security is crucial, and addressing this concern, Sihnman introduces an innovative solution to enhance the safety of your living space: the Door Barricade Bar with Door Hook Door Hanger. This innovative design is not just a door barricade; it's a versatile and sturdy security reinforcement for your doors, providing unparalleled home protection. Let's delve into what makes Sihnman's Door Barricade Bar a must-have.

  • Patented Design for Comprehensive Security

Our Door Barricade Bar stands out with its patented design, combining door barricade features with door hooks. This unique blend ensures both security reinforcement and practicality. The main track not only fortifies the door panel against intrusion but also serves as a convenient hanging spot for clothes and towels.

  • High-Quality Structure Steel with Powder Coating

Crafted from premium structural steel and coated with industrial-grade powder, this barricade bar offers a robust and long-lasting solution. The structural integrity of the steel ensures that the door can withstand significant force, making it an ideal choice for front doors, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

  • All-in-One Package for Easy Installation

There is no need to fret over finding the right accessories. The Door Barricade Bar from Sihnman comes as an all-in-one package, complete with wood screws and wall anchors. This ensures a hassle-free installation process that works seamlessly for both solid and hollow-core doors. For hollow-core doors, use the provided wall anchors for added stability.

  • Adaptable to Different Door Widths

Versatility is a key feature of this barricade bar. It can be adjusted to fit door panel widths ranging from 26" to 37", making it suitable for various door sizes. Whether you have standard or wider doors, Sihnman has you covered with a product that adapts to your specific needs.

  • Two-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

To instill confidence in our product, Sihnman offers a two-year warranty. This commitment ensures free replacements and hassle-free returns, reflecting the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

  • Improved Home Safety with Door Reinforcement

Door reinforcement is a critical factor in home safety, and our Door Barricade Bar takes it to the next level. The combination of high-strength steel and an innovative design can absorb significant forces, effectively stopping intruders in their tracks. This product isn't just about security; it's about creating a safer and more secure home environment.

  • Effortless Operation with Thumb Screws

Our Door Barricade Bar features two strategically placed thumb screws, allowing users to lock the slide bars at any location effortlessly. This added functionality ensures that securing your door is a simple and quick process, enhancing the overall user experience and reinforcing your home's safety with ease.

Sihnman's Door Barricade Bars: Your Door's Best Defence Against Intruders!

The Sihnman's Door Barricade Bar with Door Hook Door Hanger is a reliable and stylish solution to your home security concerns. With its patent-pending design, high-quality materials, and comprehensive features, it's time to elevate your home's safety. Invest in Sihnman and fortify your doors against potential threats. After all, your home deserves the best protection available on the market!

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